A Complete Review Of The Divergent Series

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DivergentThe Divergent Trilogy, written by one of the most talented bestselling authors, Veronica Roth, has been an immensely popular series among teenagers. The Divergent series has three parts, Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant. The trilogy tells the story of Chicago, which is a city encased in a chain fence and comprising a dystopian society. The inhabitants of the city have been segregated into five categories or sections namely Dauntless, Abnegation, Amity, Erudite and Candor. People are divided in these factions based on their personality, speech and decisions.

Each individual is required to decide at the age of 16 whether they want to remain in the faction they were born into or want to change to another one for the rest of their lives at a Choosing Ceremony.

The main character in the series is Tris who gets to know from an aptitude test before the Choosing Ceremony that she belongs to a rare breed known as Divergent. She cannot be classified into one particular faction on the basis of the qualities she possesses. Tris is faced by the dilemma of whether she deserves to be in the faction she was born into and this leads to her abandoning her family and Abnegation.

However being divergent can be a dangerous thing as there are forces that cannot risk the secrets of her original faction getting compromised and will stop at nothing. Tris embarks on a journey to find out what lies beyond the chain fence as well as to protect herself from the forces that want to harm her as she is Divergent.

The third book in the series, Allegiant, created such a buzz that there was a tremendous increase in people wanting to listen to Allegiant online. Allegiant reveals the complete extent of the dystopia and Tris ends up making a sacrifice to save the world. The series features everything from action and science fiction to romance between Tris and Four and is a plot that stays with you for a long time after you have read it. It is thus no wonder that the Divergent series by Veronica Roth has been such a hit when it comes to digital formats, specially the PDF format used mainly for eBooks.

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